We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

"An appointment was immediately set up and I was able to speak with Alex. He answered my questions plus added information that made a tense situation bearable. I worked for Mr. Paul Bryan in my 20's. He was a man of his word and I respected him. Craig has followed his footsteps and I trust him."

Dan Broadwater June 24, 2022

"Nicole was the exact person I needed at this time. I felt her sympathy and compassion every time we were together! Nicole was so very helpful during this time. She listened to all my concerns and was able to help me make arrangements that I felt were in my interest and my husbands. I used your services years ago when we lost our son. Then and now I felt taken care of and my wishes were taken care of. Everyone I had contact with at that time were Considerate and very professional. They made me feel my concerns were important to them as they were to me."

-- May 10, 2022

"Shannon was amazing the entire time, she went way beyond to make sure all our need and wishes were met. I believe she runs the entire service. All I can say is without her, we would have had so much more stress. She needs to train the other staff in office on empathy and compassion. Shannon is the star of your company"

Terry M. February 15, 2022

" Scott was very courteous and helped me all the way."

Mercedes A. April 25, 2022

"My brother's death was unexpected but as always, Bryan-Braker handled everything with care and concern, reducing my anxiety at a critical time. Once I'm made the call the call to Craig at Bryan-Braker, I knew everything would be handled and it was one less thing to worry about... We've used Bryan-Braker for nearly 20 years and they've made arrangements for six loved ones... they're the only ones we trust."

Carolyn W. March 31, 2022

A Big shout-out to Shannon Parra and staff for Her professional and personal touches at my Dads (Donald McKenzie) service yesterday. Thank you again, you all are the best

Danny A. November 06, 2021

"Everyone was kind and understanding during this difficult time with the loss of my husband. Greg helped me with all the planning. He was kind and very helpful in a loving manner. They have a wonderful staff."

Karen D. January 13, 2020


October 15, 2018

"Nicole was very helpful and went the extra mile for us."

October 09, 2018

Jhonny was an exception to the rule - very compassionate, helpful and very professional! I cannot give Jhonny enough praise for the work she did!

October 02, 2018

"We are so grateful to Bryan Anderson for his handling of our funeral. We have nothing to complain about and much to praise."

Eugenia H. July 11, 2018

"I had no doubt at all that Bryan-Braker family would fully deliver on all my needs on behalf of my beloved sister. Thank you to everyone that helped along the way. I have always appreciated the attention to detail I've witnessed in all the services I've been involved with [at Bryan-Braker]."

Bob M. July 05, 2018

"The person on the phone called me promptly and arrange for me to contact Shannon Parra. Shannon did an excellent job explaining the services at Bryan-Braker and gave us pictures to view of flowers, caskets and memorial card options. She was very caring with us. I was extremely happy with the amount of time was got to spend with my Dad during the visitation. He looked handsome and well groomed in his uniform. Excellent presentation of my Dad. Shannon took care of the arrangements for the Navy to be there for the flag presentation were taken care of; It was very touching. Also, white gloves were provided for the pallbearers. Shannon was an exceptional professional. I will always be so grateful for the time she provided us during the visitation to see all our guests and have the eating patio [Garden Court] to see people. Excellent patio area for refreshments."

Claire K. June 01, 2017

"...how comfortable, and taken care of we felt after speaking with Greg about everything or anything. He helped guide and advise us with items we needed figuring out; how he treated us with gentleness and respect; calmed our worries; comforted us. He made us feel like long time, cherished friends/sisters! We will never forget his loving kindness!!! Camille (chapel attendant) is AMAZING; totally organized everything to look so beautiful and perfect!! What a gift and talent she has!! She made it look so effortless, but we KNOW it wasn’t, and how hard you ALL worked to make it seem so; to make us feel so...LESS stressed, for lack of a better word! Ron (parking lot attendant) stood in the rain and patiently helped and directed our guests where to park. What a GREAT Team/Family you all have there at Bryan-Braker!!"

Luselle S. (One of Wayne Bouck’s grateful daughters) April 03, 2018

"What a special person Ms. Shannon is, without her positive word my loss would have been much harder to go through. Thank you, Shannon. What more could I have asked for to have someone that really cared for my family from the start to the very end."

Calvin W. May 22, 2017

Thank you to John Thompson and the entire staff at Bryan-Braker funeral home. The kindness and caring from all of you was so much appreciated. During the most difficult times of this process, you all were there to help and make everything ok. Thank you again from the entire Barros Ohana.

Barros O. July 02, 2014

I so appreciated the compassion and sensitivity at Bryan-Braker when I decided to pre-plan a cremation. I would highly recommend Bryan-Braker to anyone who either needs help in a time of loss or who wants to, like me, take care of funeral needs beforehand.

Ann S. October 02, 2011

"Thank you very much Alex for the great work you did in all the preparation of the Funeral Service for our beloved mom, Divina Mojica. It is very much appreciated. We were very pleased. Thank you so much for your excellent services at a most difficult time." Love the Mojica Family

Mojica Family June 16, 2022

" It is with pleasure I send this letter recognizing your Director, Shannon for her exceptional service to our family during the passing of my father. While this is always a difficult situation for families, our family brought a special variety of drama, Shannon without a word spoken assessed and managed the situation deftly and exceedingly professionally. Her quit work and kindness beyond the scenes created the perfect environment to allow us to put aside the unimportant and come together to celebrate my dad's life. I also want to add, my father had a rough run at the end, but Shannon's mastery of craft made my dad look like a cross between a college linebacker and a silver haired movie-star, while still looking 100% himself. As with my mom, your firm handled every detail perfectly while anticipating and preparing for any hiccup, and again Bryan-Braker and especially Miss Shannon performed impeccably. My thanks to you and your staff for your kindness and professionalism."

Patrick L. December 05, 2019

"JoAnn was very nice, helpful and kind."

Lola S. April 25, 2022

"Gregory Boyko answered all of my questions thoroughly and immediately went to work taking care of numerous details. He was very empathetic, kind, and courteous. He was on top of every detail and suggestions, that alleviated much stress. Services were exceptional and certainly worth the value. Having gone through the experience of losing my sister so unexpectedly, I can't think of anyone more skilled, talented, and caring than Funeral Director Gregory Boyko to walk by your side through the entire ordeal. "

Thomas G. April 25, 2022

At a time of sorrow and pain for my family Joanne and Ernest made things a lot easier to bare with their kindness and understanding! Joanne was very professional, I can call her whenever I had a question and she’d have all the answers! Ernest was very attentive to our needs he always checked on my family during the visitation! He treated my love one with respect and didn’t mind last minute changes! Thank you Joanne and Ernest you made things go smoothly and I’m so glad I went with Bryan-Braker Funeral Home! The family of Dwayne R. Ogo

Doris O. December 15, 2021

"Greg, I want to express to you my appreciation for your professional and kind attention to Lyle and the necessary arrangements. The event could not have been improved upon in any way and your presence and support was greatly appreciated. Even the weather cooperated and the sun broke out as the service was ending! I do want to share a cute little comment. One of the young ones said "Grandma, who is that man that keeps holding your arm?" Guess they were looking out for me already! So cute. Anyhow, thanks again for everything."

Barbara S. January 27, 2020

"Shannon was beyond anything I could have imagined when it came to meeting someone to do my wife's funeral arrangements. The amount of compassion she has and shows is so sincere and much appreciated. No matter the questions I threw at her she always had the answer and made me feel well taken care of. There just aren't enough adjectives to describe Shannon. Thanks for everything."

Larry J. October 22, 2018

Couldn't have been so lucky to work with Greg - the best!! He always stayed in contact with me."

October 12, 2018

"This was our third funeral working with Greg Boyko. He kept me on schedule, so we ended on schedule. Mr. Boyko made everything easy for me. Always asked the questions, "What do you want?", which made me stop and think and brought me back to reality."

Amarylis H. October 08, 2018

Greg went above and beyond to make sure our loved one was interred at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery for which we will be forever grateful. I certainly would recommend Bryan-Braker.

September 26, 2018

"I just wanted to send a quick message to thank you for the kindness that 2 of your employees showed my dear friends. Nicole came with a very dapper looking gentleman, I'm sorry I missed his name although they both introduced themselves. They came to pick up my neighbor. I have helped take care of my neighbor for the last couple of months. His wife, of course, is having a hard time and both your staff were such sweet caring people. Just wanted to thank them. It's greatly appreciated."

Lisa July 16, 2018

"I felt that they cared and that's very important when you've lost someone and you don't know what you should do next. The people at Bryan-Braker were there to help me every step of the way."

Sandra T. July 09, 2018

"I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to your employee, Nicole. Several months ago I had the painstaking duty of pre-arranging my mother's funeral. Nicole sat down with me, displayed empathy, and showed me the utmost courtesy. I returned to Bryan-Braker to do the last minute details required of a funeral service and finalize the arrangements. Nicole helped me make good, well thought, decisions when I was struggling. She dealt with myself and my niece as we had to choose verses for memory folders, choose pictures, and other details. Again I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the professionalism mixed with the perfect balance of caring that Nicole showed us. She tried and succeeded in making us feel like she was part of our family and would ensure my mother's funeral service would be everything we desired it to be........and it was. I could not be more pleased with Bryan-Braker, Nicole, and the entire staff, including drivers, who assisted me in arranging and executing my mother's funeral service. "

Nancy F May 23, 2018

I was so pleased with everything - from the first meeting until the service. All your staff was so helpful and so thoughtful. So much appreciated by the whole family.

Evelyn K. April 07, 2017

Greg Boyko was the funeral director for my husband Ralph. Greg walked me through the process from the start to the end. Greg was wonderful to me and my family.

Elizabeth June 10, 2014

Thank you Ron and staff for treating my family with such respect. Your heartfelt words and your dedicated time to us is truly appreciated.

Shannon M. October 07, 2014