History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Bryan-Braker Funeral Home has been owned and operated by the Bryan family since 1954. Paul C. Bryan, Jr. purchased the only funeral home in Suisun City and added his name to the door. In 1964 Paul started his own cemetery, Fairmont Memorial Park at 1901 Union Ave in Fairfield.

Bill Braker has long ago retired and his ownership bought out by the Bryans.  He was a foundational part of our company becoming what it is today.  We will always be Bryan-Braker.

Craig Bryan, son of Paul and current CEO and owner, has since taken over running the corporate operations and continued to provide caring, compassionate service through the family business. Craig's daughter, Jenna Bryan Stewart,  General Manager / Vice President is currently overseeing the daily operations of the business as Craig moves further into retirement. 

The Bryan family strongly believe in community involvement and continue to be an active member in our community. Craig had a big hand in building the skate park in Fairfield, he chartered the Fairfield-Suisun Twilight Rotary Club, is a member of the Elks, Masonic Lodge, both Fairfield and Vacaville Chambers of Commerce and was a part of starting the first Wine and Food Jubilee that still supports NorthBay Healthcare to this day.

Operating a funeral home isn’t a job for everyone. Every person who walks through your door is experiencing one of the most vulnerable and confusing times of their lives. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to carry out what the Bryan family and staff are known for - the special balance between professionalism and compassion.  

Bryan-Braker Funeral home is proud  to say we can help anyone in the community. Whether it is pre-planned funerals or helping people who have never had a family member pass, we are here to help. Especially when it comes to different cultures. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience of all traditions and cultures; on that same token we are constantly learning and evolving as a company to continue to provide our community with the most professional, respectful and personalized service possible.

  “One thing that I admired of my father was his commitment to always be the funeral service provider who was knowledgeable of all faiths, their customs and beliefs, and not fall into a pattern of always working with the same religion. We truly strive to make the service as unique as the individual,” - Craig Bryan, Owner/President              

“We love Vacaville and this entire area and are proud to be members of this community,” - Francie Bryan, Cemetery Administrator          

 “I believe the long term success of a company reflects the culture within the office. The ability to consistently provide the service Bryan-Braker is known for comes from a foundation of synergy among our staff.  The supportive foundation we have created with each other in the office is carried out of the office to the families we are privileged to serve. ” - Jenna Bryan Stewart, GM / VP 

The Bryan Family and Staff

Our Valued Staff

  • Craig Bryan

    Craig Bryan President / Owner

    [email protected]

  • Francie Bryan

    Francie Bryan Cemetery & Trust Administrator / Pre-Arrangement Counselor

    I attended UC Davis majoring in Mass Communications. I have worked at KCRA-TV Channel 3 in Sacramento in various capacities with my last title as Research & Marketing Specialist for 13 years. During employment there I was voted President of the American Marketing Association where I organized and implemented the first Sports Marketing Seminar in Sacramento, which was one of the most successful fundraisers in the association.

    I started employment at Bryan-Braker Funeral Home in 1999. I am a member of Soroptimist of Central Solano County, Le Tip of Vacaville and a committee member for the annual Solano Wine & Food Jubilee benefitting NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement programs. I am a supporter of many fundraisers benefitting non-profit organizations in Solano County.

    Contact Francie directly at [email protected]

  • Jenna Bryan Stewart

    Jenna Bryan Stewart Vice President / General Manager

    Ending up in the family business was never in my plans. I left the Solano County area three weeks after I graduated from Fairfield High School. Over a span of 12 years I spent time in Chico, San Diego and San Francisco, finishing my BA in Organizational Communication at SFSU. During that time I also completed two Internships which took me to Iceland and Germany.

    A sequence of events led me back to the Solano County area in 2013. I was offered the opportunity to work in the family business. With the intention of it being a temporary situation, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it here. My father always told me this profession was more of a “calling”, and not just a job. Each day that resonates with me more and more.

    Being able to contribute as the third generation in our family business and legacy is a gift that I do not take for granted. Seeing my grandfather and father build this business from the ground up it is an honor to follow in their footsteps. I recognize the reputation they have earned in our community and the confidence they have in my abilities to continue to provide growth as a company which enable us to provide the most excellent service to our community.

    We are a family business that fosters a warm and inviting work culture within our office; one which I hope filters to the families we serve. This position is a beautiful platform to be of service to people in such a vulnerable time in their lives.

    My husband and I live in Vacaville and are kept busy with our four young boys. Any spare time we have is spent doing some family activity – outside if possible. We place a high value on nature and the ability to appreciate and respect it. We do what we can to instill that in our boys.

    "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." - Albert Einstein

    Contact Jenna directly at [email protected]

  • Nicole McGown

    Nicole McGown Office Supervisor / Funeral Director / Pre-Arrangement Counselor

    I don’t think I have ever met someone who grew up thinking, “I want to be a funeral director when I grow up,” and I was no exception to this. I have always worked in the restaurant business since the age of 15, and when I was presented a job at Bryan-Braker Funeral Home to become the death certificate specialist, I was some what intrigued.

    I decided to take this job and start my career in 2015. I went back to school and am currently on track to finish my AA in Psychology. I have been told that I am a highly self-motivated individual who is always pushing myself to go above and beyond for anyone. After about a year of doing death certificates, I decided to obtain my license to sell burial insurance to enable me to meet with families for their pre-arrangement needs. Once getting a taste of working with families, I then was determined to obtain my funeral director license. Having these accomplishments facilitated my promotion to a Funeral Director in 2016.

    This is where my experience of 15 years of customer service could shine through. I could help families in their most delicate time of need and make the passing of a loved one an easier experience. I take pride in my upbringing and how being so organized and prompt could touch someone’s life and help them through this difficult time. I can’t tell you how many times I am asked, “How do you do this job?” The answer is simple… at the very end a family will turn to you with tears in their eyes and say two simple words… “Thank you.” This statement makes everything I do worthwhile.

    Another way I decided to touch people lives in a positive manner was becoming a group fitness coach by teaching cycling classes at a local gym. This is a wonderful environment for me to really let my outgoing and bubbly personality loose. While I’m not in the office or teaching cycling, my Chihuahua, Twinkle, and I share a passion for hiking. In my down time my husband and I enjoy cooking and relaxing.

    You can email Nicole directly at [email protected]

  • Shannon Parra

    Shannon Parra Funeral Director / Lead Embalmer / Pre-Arrangement Counselor

    I was born and raised in Old Town Suisun, so I am a native to the area Bryan-Braker serves. I started working in the funeral industry at Bryan-Braker in 2016 after graduating from the American River College of Mortuary Science. Not many of us can say they found what they were meant to do, and I feel like I can honestly say that being a mortician is my calling.

    I believe my 19 years in customer service has helped me become a team player and a real people person at Bryan Braker. I enjoy meeting, and creating a trusting, comfortable relationship with the families I serve.

    “Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.”

    You may email Shannon directly at [email protected]

  • Greg Boyko

    Greg Boyko Funeral Director / Pre-Arrangement Counselor / Company Ambassador

    My life has led me in different ways to enjoy many aspects of it. Athletically, I swam competitively for approximately for 14 years, through youth all the way up to University of the Pacific, in Stockton, CA.

    In my first professional career, I was a Dentist, for approximately 23 years, graduating from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA. It was a wonderful career, but I felt I needed a change in how I cared for people. While getting my Master’s Degree prior to Dentistry, I got a taste for the Funeral Industry, by working part time, which I enjoyed greatly.

    This led to my next career of being a Funeral Director for the Bryan-Braker Funeral Home. I have now been here at Bryan-Braker for 15 years. With my caring values, this fit well into how I wanted to continue my career. I feel that being a Funeral Director gives me a wonderful opportunity to be able to help individuals and families in such a low and difficult portion of their life. Not only do I care for families here at Bryan-Braker, I also facilitate a “GriefShare” program through my church to help individuals “Journey Through Their Grief”.

    When I am not in the office, I love being with my family, training and showing our Vizsla dogs, being a big Disney enthusiast and riding my tractor on our property. I have been called “Green Acres” many times. Again, I fell that I am honored to be able to work in this industry.

    You may email Greg directly at [email protected]

  • JoAnn Moore

    JoAnn Moore Funeral Arranger

  • Lynette Medeiros

    Lynette Medeiros Receptionist

  • Alex Santiago

    Alex Santiago Funeral Director Support

  • Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson Crematory Operator, Cemetery Support

    After 46 years of a career in hospitality management and wrestling with the idea of retirement, I felt I had more to offer yet in my life. After speaking with Craig I recognized we shared the same passion for serving our community and the families in it. It is an honor to be on this side of service as people depend on the most passionate and compassionate service professionals at this time in their lives. I am blessed to continue service in this organization.

    I joined Brayn-Braker Funeral Home in March 2019. I have never been prouder to be associated with such a dedicated and honorable group of individuals that make our team of professionals. Had it not been for this dedication to families and community that is displayed here at Bryan-Braker I would have stayed retired. I am thankful every day that I was able to join such a fine organization.

  • Alex Trammell

    Alex Trammell Cemetery Groundkeeper, Cemetery Support

    I am the groundskeeper at Fairmont Memorial Park. I enjoy my job here and do my best to keep the cemetery looking great!

  • Jose Avalos

    Jose Avalos Maintenance Supervisor / Monument Installation / Funeral Director Support

    My greatest professional achievement is working with Bryan-Braker for the 21 years.

    I believe my success in this profession comes from my strong work ethic and treating each family’s pain with the same compassion and respect as if it were my own.

    In my free time I enjoy my beautiful wife and four children, our cats, dogs and working in my garden.

    You may email Jose at [email protected]

  • Evelyn Mallory

    Evelyn Mallory Accountant / Human Resources

    “When we lose someone we love, we must learn NOT to live without them … BUT to live with the LOVE they left behind…”

    I received this quote from a co-worker here at Bryan Braker Funeral Home after the passing of my mother and I refer to it often as my father too, has joined her once again.

    This is simple example of the small, yet special, things the staff does daily for the families we meet. I often share that those in this profession are certainly “called” to be doing what they do; being supportive, informative, compassionate and always available to those who ask.

    As I am behind the scenes; as the Accountant/HR since 2013, I try to extend these qualities to my fellow employees in the small details (yet very important) components that are necessary to be a successful business.

    I have lived in California now for over 35 years after meeting my husband who served most of his US Air Force time right here at Travis Air Force Base. As retirement approaches we bowl often, both competitively and for fun – more numbers; who would have known! I enjoy traveling, spending time with friends and most important – living with the LOVE of visiting my daughter and family as often as I can.

    You may email Evelyn directly at [email protected]

  • Ron

    Ron "Smitty" Smith IN LOVING MEMORY

    Certified Phlebotomist through California.
    Credited City of Suisun Youth and Adult Sports Coordinator.
    Certified California High School Level Baseball Coach, including Concussion Awareness Certified, CPR certifications.

    Here at Bryan-Braker since 2014, I have been dedicated to improving the quality of life for our community by providing exceptional programs, facilities, and service.

    You may email Ron at [email protected]

  • Thomas Baxley

    Thomas Baxley Funeral Arrangeer